जोगवा सैनिकाचा Jogawa Sainikaachaa Marathi Kavita


Jogawaa means alms. Jogawaa also means invcation of the God. Jogawaa is also sung to awaken the God to the perils threatening his devotees. Here a soldier is requesting the Almighty to grant some alms for the betterment of his country. A Marathi language devotional song. Video is intended to provide a tune (chaal in Marathi) so that the viewer may sing the song him/herself.

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About Suhas Phanse

Suhaasa PhaNase is a poet whose Marathi Songs are showcased in Youtube to enable viewers not only to read his lyrics but also to sing the song to the tune he suggests with his voiceover. Audience of musical concerts are known to lip sing with the singer. Some even whisper sing and have to be politely silenced. Audience does not only listen but identifies with the musical rendering. Pleasure that audience gets by imagining that they themselves are singing is immense notwithstanding its vicarious nature. Purpose of streaming such videos is to provide new Marathi songs to sing for Marathi netizens. The visitor has many choices viz. Premgeete, Virahgeete, Bhajan, Bhaktigeete, Bhavgeete, Balgeete, Kishorgeete, Kumargeete, Shrungargeete, Badbadgeete, Deshbhaktigeete, Vivahgeete, Managalashtak, nisargageete, GondhaL, Jogava. Do forward this URL to your friends.
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1 Response to जोगवा सैनिकाचा Jogawa Sainikaachaa Marathi Kavita

  1. marathi म्हणतो आहे:


    Apratim!!!!!!! todacha naahi! kharach khooooopch surekh aahe. tumhala mazya likhanavaroon kalale asel ki mala kiti aavadliye kavita. 😀

    hats off. keep it up! amchya shubheccha sadaiv tumchya sobat aahet!

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